Teaching Kids 5 Manners and Common Courtesy
February 12, 2018

Top 5 Manners and Common Courtesy to Teach your Kids

If there seems to be a shortage of manners and common courtesy these day, that’s because there is.  Do you think that manners and common courtesy are not so common anymore? Or have these important basic values already become obsolete?  Either way, we are definitely living in a different time and world that often is hard to recognize and relate to.

Main stream TV, movies and the Internet has taken a turn in the wrong direction fast.  It has become darker and bolder and is affecting and infecting our children, families and society in a abnormal, unhealthy way.  Most of TVs’ content is filled with bad language and bad behavior which has replaced manners and common courtesy.  It’s sending and teaching the wrong messages to our youth.

manners - teaching your kidsI remember a time, not long ago, when TV was mostly uplifting, decent and family friendly.  I grew up watching TV shows like Leave it to Beaver, I love Lucy and cartoons like Yogi the Bear. My sister and I were raised in the church and taught manners and courtesy.  We weren’t perfect but the foundation had been laid.

Most movies at the theater these days, lack manners and courtesy.  They’re filled with violence, and bad messages that don’t serve children well.  Family friendly, and faith based movies are becoming harder to find.  And most of the so-called kid friendly movies, are not so friendly  anymore.

And last but not least, the Internet.  It’s convenient, right at our finger tips.  But it can be both a good and bad tool, depending on how you use it.  The bad side doesn’t promote manners and good behavior.  For example, it’s fraught with cyber-bullying, cursing, violence and etc.  Children, if not monitored, can be subjected to those negative influences and become isolated.

As a child, I cherished and enjoyed family time.  We ate together at the kitchen table, watched some TV and did things together.  Us kids played in the yard when the weather was nice.  Or we’d go to the park or a friend’s house.  And people seemed more polite and mannerable.

Although basic manners are rare now, we can make them common again and save them from becoming obsolete.  We don’t have to give in to the bad, negative stuff.  Here are my top five things that kids should do everyday:

manners - teaching your kids1. Be Kind

Show kindness everywhere you go.  Be kind to classmates, peers and your elders. That includes those who look different than you.  It can be as simple as giving a compliment or smile.  Or bringing flowers to your teacher.

2. Be Respectful

Show respect to your classmates, peers and elders.  Even if you disagree with them.  This is a very important manner to use daily.  No one likes to be disrespected.

3. Be Courteous

Show courtesy, say things like, “thank you, no thank you, please, sorry and excuse me.”  They’re simple, but powerful words that make a big difference.  Use them often.

4. Never Use Bad Language

Bad language is bad manners.  It’s unpleasant and offensive.  And it causes defensive reactions.  Instead, use positive, uplifting language that inspire and encourage.

5. Do a Good Deed

For example, you could volunteer at a food bank or animal shelter.  Or donate your old clothes or used books. Or give an unexpected gift to someone in need. There are many ways to help others.

manners - teaching your kidsParents have the power to lead their children in the right direction.  More than ever, we need  more positive role models.  So those of us who still practice good manners and common courtesy, must keep these important fading values alive for future generations.

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