Summer Art Projects For Kids
July 2, 2018

Summer Art Projects

With your kids on summer break and hot temperatures in Sacramento, you are likely searching for fun things for kids to do. Check out our fun and easy summer art projects that are perfect for kids and adults of all ages.

Photo Credit: Jacqueline Cheung

Project 1: Paint A Tile or Coaster

You’ll need:
6 inch by 6 inch or 4  inch by 4 inch square tile (can be purchased from Home Depot)
Modge Podge
foam brush or paint brush
acrylic paints
cup of water to wash off the brush
any color cardstock or heavy paper

1. Using the cardstock, pencil, and ruler draw out a square exactly the same size as the tile. Cut it out using the scissors. Make sure it fits on top of the tile.

2. Take the foam brush or paint brush and apply Modge Podge to the tile. Modge Podge the cardstock to the tile.

3. Let your child paint using the acrylic paints. You can do patterns of dots or stripes or draw shapes such as hearts or stars.

4. When you are sure the paint is dry, use the foam brush or paint brush and brush a few coats of Modge Podge over the acrylic paint. Let it dry.

5. You can display your painted tile in an easel. You can buy an easel on Amazon or in an art store like Michael’s.

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Project 2: Make A Colorful Mandala
or Pasta Necklace

You’ll need:
different types of pasta
rubbing alcohol
sandwich bags
food coloring
paper plates
wax paper
glue gun

Make The Colored Pasta

1. Put each pasta in a different sandwich bag. Each bag should have a color.

2. Add in 1 tablespoon of rubbing alcohol each. Seal the bag and massage to distribute the rubbing alcohol.

3. Add in food color and keep massaging the pasta.

4. Spread out the pasta to dry on the wax paper.

Make The Colorful Mandala

1. When the pasta is dry take out a paper plate. Arrange the pasta in piles by color.

2. Let your child glue the pasta to the plate and encourage them to make colorful patterns.

Make The Pasta Necklace

1. When the pasta is dry, arrange the pasta in piles by color. Separate out all the pasta with a hole in it.

2. Let your child string the pasta and make their own necklace.

3. A fun idea is to glue gun bowtie pasta to a tube. Then you can string it on the necklace.

Summer Art Projects

Project 3: Tin Can Wind Socks

You’ll need:
ribbons (the more colorful the better)
glue or glue gun with glue stick
optional: stickers, glitter, & sequins

1. Cut out pieces of ribbon that are as long as you want them to be. Usually one foot or twelve inches is good.

2. Stand the can with the open down. Glue the pieces of ribbon to the bottom of the can, making a circle all around the bottom on the inside.

3. With a nail and a hammer, or a drill, make two holes on top of the can. The holes should be spread at least two centimeters apart. Thread a ribbon or string through and knot it on the inside to make a handle.

4. Allow your child to paint each tin can as they wish. Encourage them to use their imagination or create shapes like hearts and stars which show up well.  Let each tin can fully dry. Using the handle you made, hang your new creation.

Photo Credit: Jacqueline Cheung

Project 4: Coasters Made With
Old Magazines or Newspapers

You’ll need:
1 paper clip
Modge Podge
foam brush or paint brush
an old magazine or newspaper

1. Cut out colorful pages from your old magazine or newspaper.

2. Fold the paper in 1/4 inch strips. You can use the ruler to get a straight edge.

3. Using the scissors cut the 1/4 inch strips.

4. Take the paper clip and wind the strip around one time. Spread Modge Podge using the foam brush or paint brush all along the outer edge and wind the whole strip around the paper clip.

5. Continue adding strips, applying the Modge Podge, and winding it around the paper clip. Make sure that it takes a round shape. Stop when the coaster is as big as you want it to be. Remove the paper clip.

6. Apply Modge Podge gently to the top of the Coaster. When it is dry, flip it to the other side and apply Modge Podge on the other side.

Hopefully, we have given you some ideas of fun summer art projects you can do with your kids. The next time your kids complain they are bored, try out one of these art projects!

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