Open enrollment deadlines for many Sacramento area school districts
February 9, 2017

Open Enrollment Sacramento area – With the second half of the current school year well underway, many kids are anticipating the approach of Spring break. Meanwhile, parents have their sights on something else entirely…. planning for next year.

During the first few months of the calendar year, many districts in the Sacramento region accept intra-district transfer requests for the following school year. Also known as “Open Enrollment”, these intra-district transfer opportunities provide kids a chance to apply for a spot at a school that falls outside of their enrollment boundary.

Each district has its own open enrollment procedures; some consider applications all at once, others accept them on first-come-first-served basis, while others use a computerized lottery system. Most districts conclude their open enrollment periods in February, so families who wish to participate in this process should be aware of their district’s open enrollment deadlines:

Open Enrollment Sacramento

The Sacramento City Unified School District currently has over 50 elementary schools that are accepting open enrollment applications for next year. Applications will be accepted February 7 through February 21, 2017, and can be submitted online or in-person.

Folsom Cordova Unified School District’s open enrollment procedures and deadlines differ depending on grade level. Elementary students residing within district boundaries may submit a School Choice Application requesting transfer. Applications must be submitted to the elementary student’s boundary elementary school on or before March 10, 2017.  For high school students, the application window ends on February 24, 2017. The high school transfer application is available online, and the completed form must be submitted in-person to the student’s boundary high school. Transferring students must commit to attend their selected high school through grade 12, and are not eligible to play sports for one calendar year after transfer.

Open Enrollment Sacramento

Students attending the Roseville Joint Unified School District may apply for transfer during their district’s open enrollment period, which started on January 17 and closes on February 17, 2017. The district has four schools accepting open enrollment applications and the number of available transfer spots at each school will be dependent upon the enrollment caps for each campus. Applications can be accessed online, but completed applications must be hand-delivered or sent via US mail by the February 17 deadline. The Roseville City School District offered open enrollment to 18 schools within their district, though their open enrollment deadline ended on January 27. Parents who wish to request intra-district transfer within this district are encouraged to contact the district directly.

The San Juan Unified School District concluded their open enrollment period in January; however kids who reside in the district boundaries may still be eligible to transfer schools by submitting their request between March 1 and May 1, 2017 using an intra-district transfer application. While the application is available online, it must be submitted in-person at the boundary school location or the district office.

Open Enrollment Sacramento

Elk Grove Unified School District offers open enrollment for secondary schools, but not for elementary-level students. The open enrollment period began on January 23 and closed on February 3, 2017. Elk Grove Unified School District does not accommodate late applications, so kids who wish to transfer schools but miss the deadline must wait until the following year to submit their application. Parents are encouraged to contact the Elk Grove Unified District office directly to request policy exceptions.

Many families in the Sacramento region use the availability of open enrollment to secure their kids’ placement at schools which provide special programs or unique curriculum not offered at their current campus. However, schools offering open enrollment have a limited number of transfer spots and are not always able to accommodate every transfer request. For this reason, it is imperative that parents submit their open enrollment applications as soon as possible.

Open Enrollment Sacramento

While it can be disappointing to learn that your child’s transfer request was not granted due to space restrictions, parents should consider that many districts maintain waiting lists which can result in an open spot mid-year. Parents who miss the open enrollment deadline or who aren’t granted transfer should make note of their district’s open enrollment dates on next years’ calendar. In doing so, they will be able to prepare and submit their transfer applications as early as possible, thereby increasing their chances of acceptance on the next open enrollment cycle.

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Open Enrollment Sacramento

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