Helpful Tips for Childhood Bullying
January 19, 2018

Childhood Bullying

Bullying has always been around.  And most of us have either experienced it ourselves or knows someone who has.  It hurts, destroys and takes lives and must be discouraged and stopped! There’s a thin line between teasing and bullying.  Some might say, “It’s just kids being kids.” But how do you differentiate?  To me, they’re both the same and feel just as bad. I know because I was teased and bullied as a child. Not fun!

The bullying problem has gotten worse.  And some experts are calling it “a national crisis.” It’s far more dangerous and bolder than ever before.  It exists in our physical and cyber world in many forms and for many reasons.  Reasons that are often irrational and wrong. Though you have no control over the bully’s actions, you can control how you react.

Childhood Bullying

Here are some effective tips for children to use to discourage bullies:

Show no fear; fear empowers them.  Let he or she know, without being mean, that you’re not afraid, even though you may be.  It may cause them to change their minds.

Be kind; it tends to confuse.  Kindness is something they don’t expect from their victim. Try to stay calm; calmness tends to distract them.

Don’t raise your voice; raising your voice could make the situation worse.  If the bullying becomes physical, defend yourself if you can and get help. Tell your teacher and parents so that they can take action to get the abuse to stop.  And when possible, pair up with a friend, classmate or groups.  Bullies usually target victims when they are alone.

Schools are doing more these days to combat bullying.  For example, several Elk Grove elementary schools have anti-bullying assemblies. They usually consist of conflict resolution, prevention and engaging, colorful visuals and speakers. These take place 1-2 times a year. Find out if your child’s school has this important program and get involved.

And of course, there is a wealth of information and resources outside of school, such as books, guides, articles, and organizations.  I recommend for additional tips. It’s full of excellent resources, tools, and information. The more positive, inspiring messages children have access to, the more they exhibit kind, respectful behavior toward one another.

You can’t always be there to protect your children, but you can arm them with knowledge and the tools to protect themselves.  Knowledge is power.

Childhood BullyingI have written an anti-bullying children’s e-book, Nurtle the Turtle. This book teaches children that bullying is wrong.  And it encourages them to be kind and respectful to one another. It also inspires them to embrace their own uniqueness. This is a great learning tool for elementary schools, libraries and homes. You can get it online thru Amazon by going to this link.

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