Fruit Picking With Kids In Sacramento Area
August 5, 2017

Fruit Picking with Kids in Sacramento Area

Fruit Picking – Summer is a wonderful time to utilize fresh fruits and vegetables. Fortunately, we live in an area where there is no shortage of fabulous places to pick your own fresh produce. It’s a great way to get outdoors with your family and friends. Go to a local farm with your loved ones and have your own u-pick date. Check out these local farms in the Sacramento area to pick some fresh produce.

fruit picking Photo Credit: Amy Fong Kurahara

Agyres Orchard Fruit Picking

Agyres Orchard is located in the Apple Hill area. You can pick Golden Delicious and Rome apples and Concord grapes. Agyres Orchard is open Saturday through Sunday 10am to 4pm. It is suggested that you call to find out if fruit is ripe for picking.

fruit picking Photo Credit: Lanette Joyner

Bolster’s Hilltop Ranch Fruit Picking

Bolster’s Hilltop Ranch specializes in u-pick blueberries and apples. It is located in the Apple Hill area. Starting in July, they have blueberry picking. For apple picking, Boltster’s Hilltop Ranch is open September on weekends, and daily October through November 24. The hours are 9am to 5pm daily.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Gestner Ward

Davis Ranch Fruit Picking

Davis Ranch is known for their melons, in particular their watermelon, cantaloupe, and honey dew. They also have corn, asparagus, green beans, squash, pumpkins, tomatoes, and cucumbers. Davis Ranch is open Tuesdays and Saturdays during the months of July through October​. From sunrise to 1pm, the charge is $0.30 per lb with a $30 minimum (100 lbs).

Photo Credit: Amy Fong Kurahara

Double M Farms Fruit Picking

Double M Farms specializes in u-pick pears.  Additional picked fruits such as peaches, plums, nectarines, pluots, nectaplums, apples, apriums, pomegranates, may also be available. Double M Farms also sells eggs from their own free-range chickens, avocados, alfalfa hay, and straw bales.

Photo Credit: Debra Pickard

El Dorado Hills Natural Farms

El Dorado Hills Natural Farms specializes in u-pick strawberries. They also sell farm fresh eggs and natural grass-fed beef. They are open 6am to 12pm, 7 days a week.
Fruit Picking Photo Credit: Debra Pickard

Pacific Star Gardens Fruit Picking

Pacific Star Gardens is a certified organic farm and offers u-pick strawberries and blackberries. They also sell tomatoes, watermelons, and a variety of vegetables such as corn, cucumber, green beans, zucchini, squash, and eggplant.

R Kelley Farms Fruit Picking

R Kelley Farms offers u-pick and we pick. They usually have melons, tomatoes, and corn available. It is suggested that you call to find out what they have available. R Kelley Farms is open during the months of July to October, Wednesday through Saturday from 8am to 6pm. On Sundays they are open 8am to 5pm.

Photo Credit: Summer Nishio

Steamboat Acres & Steamboat Landing

At Steamboat Acres there is a certified organic cherry orchard, a Chardonnay wine grape vineyard, a pear orchard, and a variety of fall produce such as pumpkins, squash, gourds, heirloom melons, and heirloom flint corn. They produce their own raw honey. You must call in advance to schedule a farm tour. Please note that this is not a u-pick farm. However, it is well worth visiting.

At Steamboat Landing, they have a beach, picnic, and river. If you want to come for the day, they charge $5 for adults and $2 for children under 12. They are opening a brand new deli, bakery, and eatery. Steamboat Landing is open from about 7am until 9pm. Life jackets are strongly recommended.

Fruit Picking Photo Credit: Bay Area Buzz

While these farms do not comprise all of the places you can pick fresh produce with your family, these are some of our best recommendations based on personal experience. Go on and plan a day out with your family to visit a local farm. Support local farmers in our community while picking healthy and fresh produce.

Agyres Orchard
4220 North Canyon Road
Camino  CA 95709
(530) 644-3862

Bolster’s Hilltop Ranch
2000 Larsen Drive
Camino, CA 95709
(530) 644-2230

Davis Ranch
13211 Jackson Road
Sloughhouse, CA 95683
(916) 502-7983

Double M Farms 
13171 Grand Island Road
Walnut Grove, CA 95690
(916) 257-9613 or (916) 775-1828

El Dorado Hills Natural Farms
1941 Old Bass Lake Rd
El Dorado Hills, CA
(916) 719-0543

Pacific Star Gardens
20872 County Road 99
Woodland, CA 95695
(530) 666-7308

R Kelley Farms 
1150 Scribner Road
Sacramento, CA 95832
(916) 665-1191

Steamboat Acres & Steamboat Landing
15819 Sutter Island Road
Courtland, CA 95615
(916) 775-1166

Boysen Berry Farm
6282 Co Rd 23 Orland, CA 95963
(530) 936-5050

For more things to do in Sacramento area, you can also visit our Places To Go category listings.

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1 thought on Fruit Picking With Kids In Sacramento Area
  1. Hi Dr. Jacqueline. I would like to introduce myself and our U-PICK farm. I’m the granddaughter of Rudy Boysen, the inventor of the boysenberry. Boysen Berry Farm is located about 90 miles north of Sacramento, in Orland California.

    We have 80 rows of heritage boysenberries, spread over 4 acres, available for U-PICK beginning mid-May through the first week of June. We use organic and sustainable farming practices at Boysen Berry Farm.

    We’d love it if you would consider adding us to your recommended family friendly U-PICK farms in the area. We had a number of families visit us from the Sacramento area and even further south last year.

    Each family will be given their own row, separate from other groups to facilitate safe social distancing this year. We also hide painted rocks among the boysenberries for children to discover, adding to their adventure at Boysen Berry Farm. We are wagon and stroller friendly (or as much as a farm field can be). We provide picking buckets for each person.

    Hope to hear from you.

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