Explore Sacramento Children’s Museum and Powerhouse Science Center
February 14, 2017

Sacramento Children’s Museum – While the weather is still chilly and rainy, it’s a great time to explore local museums. Sacramento Children’s Museum and Powerhouse Science Center are awesome museums to check out if you want to get out with your kids.

The Sacramento Children’s Museum allows children to learn about art, technology, industry, and science while exploring and performing hands-on activities.

Sacramento Children's Museum

For those with babies and toddlers, Baby Bloomers provides a separated safe area for your little ones to crawl and walk around, without fear that they will be injured. You can build, climb, or even dress your child up. Be sure to check out the well-stocked changing room with amenities, and everything you could want for diaper changing. There is even a rocking chair for breast or formula feeding.

In My Neighborhood, your child can dress up in a variety of different costumes. It’s a great way for them to learn storytelling as well. Whether your child dresses up as a doctor or a princess, you’ll enjoy watching their imagination run wild.

Airways teaches your child about gravity, motion, acceleration and velocity. There are a bunch of clear tubes in a network which take up the entire wall. Your child can place a scarf or a foam ball into a tube and the air mechanism sucks it up, sends it through the tubes, and sends it out of the top.

Sacramento Children's Museum

Adjoining Airways is Raceways. There is a track which loops. Your child can drop balls down it. Raceways is meant to help people comprehend how roller coaster and amusement park rides work. Your child will have a blast dropping balls.

In the Studio of Arts, there is a huge plexiglass wall. Your child can paint right on the wall or create artwork with a variety of different materials such as glitter, pom poms, colored paper and more.

Waterways is a large, very wet room with water activity tables and a rubber floor. You can put an apron on your child to protect them from all the water. Even babies can participate because of the infant seat built into the tables.

Powerhouse Science CenterThe Powerhouse Science Center in Sacramento is another great museum to check out with your family. The Powerhouse Science Center is actually about to begin the process of constructing a new center which will be completed approximately 18 months after they break ground sometime in 2017. Their current campus is on a nature reserve in Rancho Cordova. The new campus will be near the Sacramento River in the historic PG & E building.

You’ll find the only planetarium in Sacramento at the Powerhouse Science Center. Your family will enjoy staring at the night sky and learning about planets and constellations.

The Nature Discovery area allows you to learn about animals, reptiles, and insects. Currently, there is a display of insects in this section. Be sure to check out the hissing cockroaches. You can even touch them if you are brave enough.

Powerhouse Science Center

The Eat Well, Play Well, and Live Well section allows you to explore everything from healthy eating habits, to heart rate, and physical activity. You can learn about calories, explore all of your senses, and pretend to shop for and prepare food

The Challenger Learning Center allows you to explore what it’s like to take off into space. They even have specific days where you can sign up your child to participate in a space simulation.

Powerhouse Science Center

Finally, you can sign up your family to participate in Engineering weekend where you build homes, modes of transportation and anything else out of cardboard and simple materials.

Both the Sacramento Children’s Museum and the Powerhouse Science Center provide hours of fun and exploration for you and your family. There is plenty to do in Sacramento, even when you have to wear rain boots!

Sacramento Children’s Museum | Powerhouse Science Center

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